2020 COA Photo Contest

Carver's COA is proud to announce our first annual Photo Contest. We are looking for the most popular photo from a Carver resident Senior. Email your name, details and photo to info@carverma.gov by Dec. 15, 2020. Your photo will posted online here. You can have your friends click to vote for your photo from Dec. 15-31, 2020.


Photograph 1 - Carver COA "Home Away From Home"

Fruit Pie

Photograph 3 - "Cranberry Pie"

Bench on Autumn Leaves

Photograph 2 - Carver COA "Friends"

Senior Dance

Photograph 4 - "Date Night"

Photograph 5 - "Autumn Rest"

Photo Submissions can be emailed to friends@friendscarvercoa.com in a jpg or png format

1000k maximum. by Dec. 15, 2020