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Help Us. Help Them.

It has been a challenging year for everyone!

We all know that our senior population has been affected the most by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to donate to this Friends of the Council on Aging Annual Appeal so we can continue to provide the necessary support and connections to keep our seniors safer and more engaged with our dedication to ensuring our seniors feel connected and not isolated.

We are grateful and encouraged by the number of people who have reached out, offering to help seniors, many of you seniors yourselves. We are proud to live in such an involved and caring town. Despite everything we have all been through and accomplished over the past year, there is still more to do to support each and every one of our seniors.

The Carver Council on Aging and staff never stopped working to provide essential services to help enrich the lives of older adults. Despite the obstacles and challenges from the pandemic, the Carver COA has provided an unprecedented scope of services and activities.

The Carver COA staff rose above and beyond with:
  • Meals on the Move cooked and delivered more than double our annual daily meals to the home-bound of the   

     community throughout the pandemic. More than ever before.
  • The Carver COA Outreach Coordinator helps, directs, supports and advises seniors and caregivers daily through

     this harrowing time.

  • A Newly-Renovated and Safer COA Nutrition Center area which has to be seen to be believed.
  • More exciting programs coming soon including My Senior Center Program, an
i-Pad Return Program, and more. 

     Stay tuned and get involved.

The Friends of the Carver COA sponsored COA initiatives including:
  • Hundreds have participated in the COA programs and activities (including exclusive craft-making videos,

     Yoga for Seniors Videos, Better Living Classes offered on online and on local cable television. 

The Friends of the Carver COA itself has been been reaching new levels with:
  • Our website and informational brochure highlighting and supporting all that  

     the COA offers.
  • Our 501c3 Non-profit Status allows you to deduct all donations made to the "Friends of the Carver  

    COA" (which every dollar goes directly back to the seniors in our community thru COA activities).

    More donations means more activities and events for our seniors.

“The Friends of the Carver COA” look forward to helping making more bus trips, live performances and more available as we have before.

On behalf of the volunteers at the Friends of the Carver COA, please send your most generous donation on this website right here right now below. The more you give, the more they get. Your donation today will help seniors in our community during these trying times.

Thank you very much.

Friends of the Carver COA

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